After Installation you should clean your cabinets with a non abrasive (mild) soap and water applied with a soft lint free cloth. Dry immediately with a soft cloth. Repeat  this two to three times yearly.  Even though your cabinets have one of the most durable finishes available they will not withstand repeated exposure to soap and water so please try to limit this. Also Make sure to wipe off any spills immediately.

  • Never use a furniture polish containing wax or silicone.
  • Never use any cleaners with ammonia, chlorine, or  abrasives.

Please polish your cabinets sparingly because polish builds up over time and will affect the natural beauty of your cabinetry. Always use a good quality polish without wax or silicone. (Endust works very well) In areas where grease build up is a problem use a water and vinegar solution. This will remove the grease without leaving a residue behind.